ACRL - Facilities

Open Vertical Display Case

This display case that is donated to the ACRL by Hill Phoenix Co. has four decks and three axial fans.

Simulator of Open Vertical Display Case (POCAC)

This versatile modular flexible system has been designed to be readily reconfigured to simulate almost all open vertical display cases that are in the market or will be designed in the future. The vertical and horizontal distances between the discharge and return ducts also the angle of the discharge duct can be easily changed. The mean velocity of air at the discharge can be altered by a frequency controller.

The system also benefits from several air straightners such as honeycombs, perforated plates, screens, and turning blades that can help reduce the turbulence intensity at the discharge of the air curtain.

Between the discharge and the return ducts, a display case prototype, which is smaller in size than the typical display cases, is installed within the POCAC to simulate the display case shelves and the perforated back panel. Thanks to dimensional analyses, the non-dimensional results from one configuration of the simulator-prototype can be attributed to a similar display case that has larger dimensions or flow rates but has proportional dimensions.The flow rate issued from the perforated back panel can be varied by changing the positions of three valves on the round flexible ducts.

For conducting the infiltration tests, a tracer gas injection system and also several sampling systems are integrated to the simulator.

DPIV Equipment

A Dual head Nd-YAG lasers (15 Hz, 532 nm) and a UNIQ CCD camera (30 Hz), are the main components of our flow visualization experiments (DPIV). Pixleflow software is used to control the lasers and to process the images. Normally 500 to 1000 image pairs are acquired from the region in front of the camera.

To visualize the air curtain structure, the camera looks at the curtain at a perpendicular angle through a transparent wall.

Gas Analyzer

A CO2 gas analyzer (by Horiba Co.) measures the concentration of the continuous samples of air+CO2 mixture.