Kettering Agent Fate Staff

The Agent Fate Staff (from Left to Right)
Back: Hongyang Li, David Benson, Bojan Markicevic, Steve Danforth, Carlos Rincòn, Aaron Grady, Ali Zand, Yuri Sikorski
Middle: Ewen Chan, Lars Beholz, Jennifer Meyers
Front: Elizabeth Bowden, Homayun Navaz, Matthew Sanders
Not Pictured: Kathryn Hoff, Vinit Javali, Ian Zang, Kristina Kamensky, Micheal Herman.

Kettering Faculty Members


Dr. Homayun Navaz

Dr. Homayun K. Navaz is a Professor of Mechanical Engineering. He joined Kettering University in spring of 1995. Dr. Navaz received his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Rice University in Houston, Texas, in 1985. His MS is in Mechanical Engineering from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 1981. He obtained his BS in Chemical Engineering from Mississippi State University, Mississippi, 1980. Dr. Navaz worked as an associate engineer in petroleum industry during the late 1970's. Since then he has held positions as a consultant at SAIC (Science Applications International Corporation), research scientist at Software and Engineering Associates and Physical Research, Inc., and principal scientist and Division Manager at Adaptive Research Corporation until 1995. During this time, his main focus has been the development of computer programs for engineering applications. The JANNAF (Joint Army Navy NASA Air Force Committee)/industry standard codes, TDK (Two Dimensional Kinetics), SPP (Solid Performance Program), and VIPER (Viscous Interaction Performance program) designed for rocket engine performance calculations bear his name. He is also the developer of the LTCP (Liquid Thrust Chamber Performance) for multi-phase combustion, the general purpose ROYA® for fluid mechanics and combustion, ATHENA for equilibrium radiation of participating media also applicable to high altitude nuclear explosions, and AOE (Aero-Optical Effect) codes as a part of the Theater High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) program. He is currently involved in optimization of air curtains in open refrigerated display cases for energy saving purpose by using computational and flow visualization techniques.

Dr. Navaz is the Principal Investigator for the Kettering Agent Fate Project, which is responsible for the development of a porous media transport model to describe the fate and persistency of chemical agents after their release into the environment.

For more details on Dr. Navaz's activities, please refer to his Resume.


Dr. Matthew Sanders

Dr. Matthew Sanders is a Professor of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering. His Doctorate degree is from Texas Tech University and both his Bachelor and Masters degrees are from Indiana State University. Although focuses mainly in fields of engineering economy and project management, Matthew has taught variety of courses, conducted research in various topics, published diversity of publications, and worked with local companies on different projects designed for Capstone students. Prior to Kettering, Dr. Sanders worked at Marshall University, University of New Haven, Wayland Baptist University, Texas Tech University, Indiana State University, and General Mechanics Corporation. He is a recipient of the 1993 University of New Haven Award for Distinguished Teaching. He was awarded a numerous grants to initiate, formulate, and develop engineering, math and science oriented programs mainly for minority, economically disadvantaged and/or academically outstanding students.

Dr. Sanders coordinates various activities and logistics of the Agent Fate Project. He also assists the Agent Fate team members with designing, collecting, and analyzing experimental data.

For more details on Dr. Sanders' activities, please refer to his Resume.


Dr. Ali Zand

Dr. Ali Zand earned his B.S. degree from Saginaw Valley State University, M.S. degree in medicinal from Central Michigan University and his Ph.D. from Michigan State university in organic photochemistry. He joined Kettering university in spring 1997, and since then has been on the faculty of the chemistry department. Presently, he is the collaborator on the Agent Fate program. His publication span over variety of subjects from synthesis of novel anti-tumor agents, polymer surface modifications, organic photochemistry and development of experimental / analytical methods of measurements of physical parameters associated with transport of chemicals through porous media.

For more details on Dr. Zand's activities, please refer to his Resume.

Yuri Sikorski, Ph.D.

Dr. Yuri Sirkorski

Yuri Sikorski received his M.S. in radio-physics and electronics in 1994 from Kiev State University in Kiev, Ukraine, and his Ph.D. in physics from The University of Toledo in 2000. During 1999-2004 he held several key positions at Qusion Technologies, Nanovation Technologies, and Cirrex Corporation. While working in private industry he designed and developed integrated photonic devices for telecom applications. He is presently an Assistant Professor of Applied Physics and Photonics, Director of Integrated Optics and Optical Sensors Laboratory, and Director of Environmental Scanning Electron Microscopy Laboratory at Kettering University. His primary area of expertise is Photonics and Integrated Optics. He performs research at Integrated Optics and Optical Sensors Laboratory which he set up and at Kettering Environmental Scanning Electron Microscopy Laboratory. His research interests include Integrated Photonics and Fiber Optics, Photonic Sensors, Lab-on-a-Chip devices, Laser Micromachining, Micro-fluidics and SEM surface analysis. Results of his research were published in multiple leading research journals and presented at numerous conferences. His research at Kettering University was recently funded by Missile Defense Agency (MDA), NIST, General Dynamics, McLarren Research Institute, METSS Corporation and U.S. Army. He currently serves as a technical advisor to several private companies and serves on the Editorial Board of Scientific Journals International. He is a member of SPIE, OSA, MRS and Sigma Xi. He is also a Member of Kettering University Research Council.

Dr. Sikorski's contributions to Agent Fate Project include experimental and computational work in image analysis and optical characterization of sessile drop diffusion and evaporation.

For more details on Dr. Sirkorski's activities please visit


Dr. Lars Beholz

Dr. Lars Beholz received his Doctorate in Organic Chemistry from Michigan State University and his BA of Biology from The University of Michigan-Flint. Although he has previous successful start-up-to-production as the former President of Selective Technologies, Inc., a supplier of medical device components, his primary research has focused on the chemical modification of polymer surfaces. With over 16 years of experience in polymer technologies, Dr. Beholz has served as an expert witness in several successfully litigated patent infringement cases and consulted at 3M Health Care, Packer Engineering, Metaldyne Sintered Components, Michigan Critical Care Consultants, DisChem, Inc., IA, Inc. and TerraGroup, Inc. among others. Dr. Beholz has approximately 30 publications, presentations, articles and patents. His publications have been published in journals such as The Journal of Organic Chemistry, Polymer and The Michigan Bar Journal. Dr. Beholz also served as an adjunct Professor at Kettering University and twice Visiting Assistant Professor at The University of Michigan-Flint.

Dr. Beholz is currently a Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry/Biochemistry at Kettering University. In the Agent Fate project, Dr. Beholz has assisted in the collection and interpretation of data and provided particular expertise in the design and construction of equipment used in data collection.

For more details on Dr. Beholz's activities, please refer to his Resume.

Research Scientists


Dr. Bojan Markicevic

Dr. Bojan Markicevic graduated from the Technical College in Belgrade, Serbia. After working for some time as a design engineer, he enrolled in the Ph.D. program in the chemical engineering at the University of South Carolina, where he worked in theoretical fluid dynamics in porous media. After graduating, he worked as a post-doctoral fellow in the composites at the University of Delaware, and in the multiphase flow and water management in fuel cell at the University of Victoria.

Dr. Markicevic works as a Research Scientist in the Agent Fate Program. Initially, he joined the Agent Fate Program as a postdoctoral fellow in modeling of the droplet transport phenomena. He uses the discrete capillary network models based on the micro-force balance. He is also involved in the experimental design, transport parameters prediction and models validation.

For more details on Dr. Markicevic's activities, please refer to his Resume.


Dr. Hongyang Li

Dr. Hongyang Li is a postdoctoral researcher for Agent Fate project. His Doctorate degree is from Applied Chemistry department of Dalian University of Technology (China), specialized in "Design and Synthesis of Biomimetic Model Systems for Natural Enzymes". His Bachelor and Masters degrees are from Liaoning University of Petroleum & Chemical Technology (China), majored in Fine chemical Engineering and Catalytic Engineering separately, and specialized in "Intermediates Technology" and "Design and Preparation of the Catalyst for Aromatization". Before he joined the Agent Fate group, Dr. Li did two years of postdoctoral research in North Carolina State University on the project "Identify and Quantify Spin Adducts with Novel Spin Trap Combined with 31P NMR Technique". With his co-authors together, Dr. Li published 30 papers in journal, international conference and patent.

With the research background in fields of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Dr. Li's focus is experiment design and data generation to build and validate the Agent Fate model.

For more details on Dr. Li's activities, please refer to his Resume.

Graduate Students


Ewen Chan

Ewen Chan received his diploma in Mechanical Engineering Technology specializing in Automotive Products Design from St. Clair College in Windsor, Ontario prior to starting at Kettering University. His previous co-op employer was May & Scofield where he was a Product Engineer, as well as an FEA analyst. Ewen's role with the Agent Fate group is to assist with simulations, validation, and verification of computational models, working under the guidance of Dr. Homayun Navaz. Other tasks that he has performed for Agent Fate also include assisting with conference and publication preparations, data analysis, and systems and information technology technical support. Other personal research interests include internal engine CFD, sustainable economics and ecosystems, systems design, engineering, and integration for automotive applications, and macro- and microeconomic theories. Ewen is currently in the process of applying for a concurrent Bacherlor's and Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering. In his free time, Ewen plays the guitar and piano and studied the Royal Academy of Dance programme.

For more details on Mr. Chan's activities, please refer to his Resume.


Vinit Javali

Vinit Javali is a graduate student at Kettering University, majoring in Manufacturing Management. He has worked with Agent Fate since February 2008.

For more details on Mr. Javali's activities, please refer to his Resume.

Undergraduate Students


Elizabeth Bowden

Elizabeth Bowden is a senior who is currently working towards a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry with a concentration in Physics. Her role with the Agent Fate group is to assist the chemistry group in designing and completing experiments. She works under the guidance of Dr. Ali Zand, Dr. Lars Beholz, and Dr. Hongyang Li. These experiments are used to obtain data that is later used by Dr. Navaz and other group members to validate the computer models. The projects she has worked on to date include experiments dealing with mass loss, secondary evaporation, and chemical reactivity. These experiments utilize both vapor and liquid extraction techniques, along with calibration to format data into a usable manner for later use by other groups.

Elizabeth has experience with gas chromatography including utilizing both mass spectrometer and flame ionization detectors, along with UV visible spectra analysis, nuclear magnetic resonance analysis, and Fortier transfer infrared spectroscopy analysis.

For more details on Mrs. Bowden's activities, please refer to her Resume.


Aaron Grady

Aaron Grady is a Senior Computer Engineering undergraduate at Kettering University, originally from Chicago, Illinois. He has done work in the past such as Music Director for WKUF-LP 94.3 Radio, Technical Support Group member for United Parcel Service, and Lab Technician for several Chicago Public Schools. Aaron serves the Agent Fate team members by developing applications and handling whatever I.T. issues he can. He is the current web developer for the Kettering Interdisciplinary Research Team.

For more details on Mr. Grady's activities, please refer to his Resume.


Jennifer Meyers

For more details on Ms. Meyers' activities, please refer to her Resume


Kathryn Hoff

Kathryn Hoff is a junior at Kettering University, majoring in Biochemistry with a minor in Physics. She has worked with Agent Fate since January 2008, collecting experimental data with the chemistry department.

For more details on Ms. Hoff's activities, please refer to her Resume.


Kristina Kamensky

Kristina Kamensky is a senior at Kettering University, majoring in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Applied Mathematics. She joined the Agent Fate research team in July of 2008. Her role is to collect experimental data with the chemistry department and use her findings to further validate the computer models.

For more details on Ms. Kamensky's activities, please refer to her Resume.

Other Staff

Steve Danforth

Steve Danforth works as a Computer Consultant for the Kettering Agent Fate Team, and is responsible for maintining the file server and network at the Modeling and Simulation Laboratory in Downtown Flint. Steve also assists the group with purchasing any new pieces of technology needed to further our efforts

For more details on Mr. Danforth's activities, please visit Connected Technologies.

Previous Staff Members

  • Dr. David Benson: Mechanical Engineering Faculty
  • Micheal McElroy: Mechanical Engineering Graduate Student
  • Ryan Herry: Mechanical Engineering Graduate Student
  • Tevita Skeine: Industrial Engineering Undergraduate Student
  • Beth Ann Fiedler: Graduate Student
  • Carlos Rincon: Chemist