Kettering Agent Fate Work and Results


The Chemistry team, headed by Dr. Ali Zand, is responsible for running experiments which simulate possible agent attack situations, which require specific properties for the "agent", the ambient properties, as well as the properties of the surface it contacts. The Chemistry team works day and night in order to produce data which is then used with the Dr. Navaz's Continuim Model.


The following are examples of the results given by Dr. Navaz's model. The video on the left is a real example of a drop of the Mustard agent being absorbed into UK sand. The video on the right is a computer model generated by Dr. Navaz's model which simulates the absorption.

The following are exampels of the VX Agent being absorbed into sand as well as Dr. Navaz's computer generated model simulating the absorption.

This animation depcits the internal spread of a chemical agent into a pourous medium.

Axis rotation of the previous video.

The following shows the secondary evaporation of a chemical agent inside a pourous medium.

Another example of the internal spread of a chemical agent.